I Hate That We’re Still Talking About Pages

That was my first thought when I saw a link to the ESI Calculator. Why are we still comparing GB’s of data to how many printed pages it equals. It’s irrelevant, and seriously, look at the totals on that page. You are not printing any of that, how many pages it is has nothing to do with anything!

Alas, I also live in the real world. The world where too many people see a disk, and wonder why one little disk has so much information, or why that disk (a DVD) has so much more than that other disk (a CD). Or what a 20GB collection means compared to an 80GB drive. This little tool might make people “see” the difference in their own terms, even if printing isn’t something you’d ever really do.

Of course, it will also be a nice tool to point those people who think they really do want to just print everything to as well. 😉

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Still, I can’t help but despise the fact that we’re even talking about electronic data as if it was something different. It’s data, not pages. Learn the difference, or maybe dealing with electronic discovery isn’t for you.

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