RSSifying the Splash Page

The last time I redesigned the blog to give folks the option of following just blog posts tagged as tech or litigation support, etc. I changed the front page on the site to a “splash” page, that just pointed to the various sections. (The “Many Faces…” if you will.)

That never quite made me happy, but as with most things, I couldn’t find anything that satisfied me to put up there instead. Tonight, I’m trying something a little different, using Feed Informer to list the latest postings in that category as a headline list underneath the category title. I’m still not sold that this is the perfect solution to what I want, but it does at least add some dynamic content as opposed to a static splash page.

Besides, after putting this project off for months, I found the solution to getting motivated to work on it, I’m using this to procrastinate another project I should be working on. *L*

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Check it out and let me know what you think.

Tags: SplashPage, FeedInformer, RSS