I feel a little dirty

After years, and years of making my living supporting, and working with, Windows PC’s I ordered a Macbook Pro to replace my aging laptop this weekend. There’s no hope for me now, is there? I’m doomed to be a fanboy and have a Steve Jobs crush, aren’t I? 😉

OK seriously, one of the first things I’ll be doing with the MBP will be using Bootcamp to setup a Windows partition, (I need to use a Windows VPN client for work, and the Summation software I am now certified to train on both internally and freelance, won’t run on the Mac.) and my main desktop at home will still be my Windows machine, so let’s not get carried away. Still, I’m excited to see what the Mac can do as my laptop.

So, now that I’ll be getting my hands on my own Mac in a week or so, what are the must-have downloads I need to get? I already know I’ll be hitting Firefox, but what else do you guys recommend? I figure I need an FTP client, blogging tool, and pretty much anything else I’d use while on the road. If you were getting a new Macbook, what would be the first things you’d download?

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