New Position

I’m going to have to change the name of the blog again. 🙂

Today I officially accepted a new position. Still at the same firm, but I won’t be working at the helpdesk much longer. My new title will be Practice Support Specialist, which in most law firms is probably better known as Litigation Support. We currently have one person doing this, for the entire firm. Now we’ll have two.

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of law firm IT, that means I’m going to be learning all the ins and outs of programs that are part of putting on a trial, specifically Summation and TrialDirector, among others. I’ll be dealing with Electronic Discovery, creating documentation for opposing counsel, digitizing audio/video evidence, doing set-ups on-site at trials, and maybe even doing a little computer forensics. I’m excited by the opportunity. I’ll be involved in a lot of really exciting stuff, learning a bunch of new skills and also learning a lot about the law itself.

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Of course, it also means leaving a job I’m good at, and comfortable with, to start over not really knowing how to do anything again. But, I’ll have an office with a door again, so that’s nice. 🙂

Ironically, years and years ago, I started back to school with the idea of becoming a paralegal, because I was really interested in the law. Shortly thereafter I started working for a bank, who would only offer tuition reimbursement if I studied Business or Finance, so I set aside the idea of working in law. Eventually, I got interested in computers, was in the right place at the right time and turned that into an IT job. So now it’s coming full circle, and my IT work is going to push me back into working in law. That’s pretty cool.

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