Learning curve

One of our attorneys asked me an interesting question the other day. Actually, the question was as interesting as the tone of her voice.

It seems that she has recently purchased a brand new laptop with Vista/Office 2007 on it. She was sharing this information with me when she suddenly got this very frightened look on her face. She proceeded to ask “We’re not going to be moving to that soon are we?”. I assured her it would be quite a while before we did that. (We haven’t even finished rolling out Office 2003!) She breathed a sigh of relief at that, explaining that it had taken her over 5 minutes to simply find the Start menu and open Word, and when she did, she was blown away by what came up!

Perhaps, by the time we actually roll it out she’ll have gotten plenty used to using it on her own laptop, but it certainly goes to show that there is a pretty serious learning curve to Vista and Office 2007 for average users.

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How many of your average users have been exposed to Vista/Office 2007? What has their response been?

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