Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress

One of the challenges of hosting your own site and using WordPress is security. As WP has gotten more and more popular, it has become a huge target for hackers of all sorts. I’ve had my own fair share of old installations getting hacked and causing problems for live sites, rogue files, brute force login attempts that create a denial of service, DOS attacks against XMLRPC, and so on over the years.

Recently, I came across a mention of a security plugin called Wordfence and decided to try it out. It scans your install for any changes made to the WordPress core, theme and plugin files by comparing them to the original from the WordPress codex. Sure enough, for the couple of placers where I had made some customizations, it noted those as changed files and warned me about them. It then let me mark those as safe to ignore, provided they don’t change again, which is nice. I’m always nervous when a security app allows the user to set it to ignore a file, and then that’s the file that gets corrupted, and it continues to ignore it. It even warned me about a corrupt file that I had missed about 8 folders deep when I was cleaning up that infection last year, so that’s also nice!

Eventually though, I got everything cleaned up and verified with one more scan!




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This Week’s Links (weekly)

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Trying Out LinkedIn Publishing

You know me, I can’t resist trying out new tools. So, naturally, when I got the invite to start publishing on LinkedIn, you know I had to try it. My curiosity about LinkedIn’s new tool got the better of me!

Anyway, I wrote up a piece about career advice I read a long, long time ago, called the Appreciation File. I’d appreciate it if you went and checked it out, and shared it with your own LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook followers as well! (See what I did there?)


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Broken Link Checker for WordPress

After 12 plus years of blogging, I’m sure that you can imagine that there must be a lot of links that I’ve shared that may not actually go anywhere any longer. That is true, but I never really knew how true until I grabbed a copy of the WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker.

I installed it over on my child abuse survivor blog, and out of curiosity I went ahead and let it do it’s things.

Sure enough, it found a few hundred broken links and presented them all to me in a list, like you see below.


Now, as I ran through the list, I found some things that I could obviously just unlink in bulk. If the link was linking to a commenter that no longer worked, I went ahead and unlinked. No reason to be granting publicity to commentators who no longer blog, right?

Others pointed to things that were no longer active on the site, like forums or other such things, those also, I could unlink, but I also found something interesting. If I chose the option to Edit the URL for each link, it would search the WayBack Machine for a copy of what I l had linked to. That’s kind of cool. That let’s me point to an old copy of things that I had linked to even when the site is no longer online. It doesn’t always work, but I thought it was a fairly neat feature.

Now, the big question is, how much do I owe my readers in terms of going back and fixing those links? I haven’t answered that over there, let alone this site, which has much more content overall.

Still, it’s nice to know that I can use this tool to find out just how bad things are, and try and correct some of the more egregious causes of broken links. For that alone, as well as the web archive search, I highly recommend this plugin!

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One Week On My Own

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Officially, it’ll be a week tomorrow, since Angela did leave for Oregon on Sunday, but for me, it was the work week that was the hardest adjustment. You might not expect that, after all shouldn’t work have kept me busy and not thinking about being apart? Well yes, but when you work from home, not having anyone else in the household is where it gets weird.

Look, one of the biggest challenges with working from home is knowing where to draw the line between work and your personal time. When you leave the office, generally, you are done working. Oh yeah in this day and age you still check email and do quite a lot of work outside the office, but there is a well-defined event that differentiates between being at work, and at home. For the last couple of years, that event was having dinner with my wife. When she doesn’t come home after work, there’s no event to indicate to me that I should stop working, and at least this week, I haven’t!

I’ve read many an article that talks about having the discipline to draw a line between work and your personal life when “work” is in the same location. I’ve always paid attention to that and attempted to draw that line, but now I’m realizing that living by yourself, even temporarily as I am, requires a whole other level of discipline. You really have to make an active choice to stop working and go do something else, or you find yourself sitting at your desk, responding to emails at 8-9PM without having eaten dinner or had any non-phone or Webex contact with the world!

So if you’ve been in this situation, got any advice?


This Week’s Links (weekly)

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Flipboard Magazines as Google Reader Replacement

Since I’ve been playing around a bit with creating a Flipboard magazine, I’ve been giving this some thought. Now, don’t get me wrong, at it’s core Google Reader was an RSS reader, and there’s no way I could replace the simplicity of following 200+ feeds in Reader with following 200+ magazines on Flipboard. Reader also had a very popular feature, well back before Google killed it off in order to get everyone to start using Plus, called Shared Items.

Shared Items were a great way to follow a handful of people, who had similar interests to you, and see what kinds of things they were sharing. I could see Flipboard magazines being a similar way to follow a handful of magazines, and see what those folks are sharing.

I’ve been creating a few of my own to match up with my own websites. The thought process, again, is that if mobile users won’t come to the website, because they don’t browse the web, we’ve got to share content with them in the apps they use. Flipboard is one of those apps. So I can share, not only my own blog posts, but lots of other content as well, all within the app or from the web, and you, as a Flipboard user, can “follow” the magazine and get a glimpse at what I’m sharing.

View my Flipboard Magazine.View my Flipboard Magazine.View my Flipboard Magazine.

What about you, have you started “flipping” items to your own magazine in Flipboard? Share a link so we can check it out!

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This Week’s Links (weekly)

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