RIP My Old iPad 2

Naturally, because this is the way with technology, my iPad 2 died while I was traveling recently. I went...

Hotels Want to Block WiFi devices


In its petition to the FCC, Marriott and the hotel lobby argued that guests can use their smartphones or Mi-Fi devices to launch an attack against a hotel’s Wi-Fi network or threaten other guests’ privacy (by stealing their credit card data or other personal information). They also said that those gadgets can interfere with the hotel’s Wi-Fi, slowing down speeds for other customers.

Help me out here security folks, but this seems backwards to me. I use my phone hotspot connection when I want to stay off the hotel wifi, because anyone sitting on that network could be doing the exact same thing, right? So isn’t Marriott actually making it more dangerous for their guests who have that type of connection?

What am I missing?