LinkedIn Adds Sharing

According to an email I received, and confirmed by logging into the site to see for myself, you can now “share” links to news items, blog posts, etc. on LinkedIn. you know, like you probably already do with Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc.

I can’t help but wonder if LinkedIn isn’t a little too late to this game. Does anyone really follow LinkedIn that closely to see when one of their contacts shares a news item? Personally, I don’t really spend that much time looking at my connections updates beyond their new connections, and then occasionally I’ll look for shared news items or discussions on the groups. I generally find interesting items being shared on Twitter and Facebook enough as it is. I don’t know that I need a new source for that.

That being said, I use to Blog application on LinkedIn and include the Delicious once-daily summary of shared links there, so I do sort of already share my links on my profile page, but I’m convinced none of my connections ever really look at that. Maybe one or two would see a shared item as a status update? Perhaps a test is in order, eventually.