Blawg Search

I got an early morning email from the ABA Journal today announcing some new features. The most intriguing one to me is Blawg Search:

We’ve partnered with, the leading legal information portal, to create a search engine covering all of the 1,800-plus blogs in our directory — including yours. It’s like Google for lawyers, pinpointing in an instant the most sophisticated and up-to-date commentary by legal professionals on any topic. Use the search box at the top of any of our pages (including our homepage:, and on the search results page click on the “Blawg Results” tab. Plus you can subscribe to an RSS feed of any search to follow the results in your feed reader.

There’s some intriguing posibilites with RSS feeds of search terms. I’m going to have to play around with that, but first the work day calls.

The other new features they’ve rolled out include a news widget you can load on your pages, a Facebook fan page, and the ABA Journal’s Twiter feed. None of those excite me as much as the search feature.

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