I’m a trend follower

It occurred to me earlier today, while I was sharing my love of the new Macbook and running VMWare Fusion on it, that I have become the thing I’ve always hated, trendy. Just since the new year I got a pretty trendy new lens for my camera, a Macbook, and now my wife and I have a Wii in the house!

See, the thing is, I’ve always fought against trendy tech tools because many times, they simply weren’t the best tool for the job. Yeah Mac’s have been the sexier choice for computers, but they never really made sense in terms of doing what I need to get done. There have been more trendy gaming consoles, but my Gamecube has always had what I wanted, so it was the right tool for me.

I realize now, that I haven’t become trendy, the trendy tools have become tools that do the job better. There’s nothing like the Wii on the gaming front, and now that Mac’s run on Intel chips and allow me to access the Windows tools I need for my livelihood, it makes sense to own one. The 50mm lens adds a tool to compensate for some areas of photography that I had been ignoring for too long.

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It’s not that the old un-trendy tools I had weren’t working, it’s that, finally, the trendy technology isn’t just trendy. It’s actually a better fit for what I want to do. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some ice, or a heating pad for my arm. Yeah, day 2 of having a Wii in the house, and my arm’s sore. How cliche…..

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