Goodbye Google Sync

I thought I had the bugs ironed out using Google Sync for the Blackberry but today was the last straw. While prepping for a meeting, I went to verify the location and discovered that, despite the fact that this event had existed, without problems, in all 3 places (Blackberry, Google Calendar and Outlook), for weeks, now it was in triplicate on Google, once on my Blackberry and not in Outlook. I don’t know if coming to the reminder time caused some sort of bizarre behavior, but at the end of the day, I can’t take a chance with work events or reminders disappearing on me.

It was cool to be able to use it to connect my work and personal life calendars, but I’ll have to find some other way to do that. Probably using something to connect Google Calendar to my Outlook 2003 at work the way I do with Outlook 2007 at home.

Well not exactly the same way, since I don’t think work is going to splurge for a GsycnIt license. 😉

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