I’m done playing 6 million dollar computer (“We can rebuilt it, we have the technology. We can make it better than before!”) thanks to the replacement hard drive for my work machine. Unfortunately Compaq somehow figured that it was ok to replace a 20GB drive with a 10GB drive, which was rather irksome. But, since I was only using about 3GB of the old drive anyway, and I absolutely need to be back in regular working shape now, and not later, I’m going to overlook it. Still some minor tweaking and customizing to do, but I can at least get back to working for real. :)

Dane has an idea for the Radio Userland folks to get their software really rolling: Get Matt Drudge to use it on his website. Actually that’s not a bad idea.

Scoble has a fuller description of the things he loves about Radio 8.0 in his blog today.

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