Driving to work today was interesting. It seems that only 25% of the people who normally would be driving downtown, were on the roads today. Thus I’m concluding that I am one of the 25% of people who either have a) such an important job that they must be here on New Year’s eve, or b) work for a company that doesn’t quite understand that having people sit in an office all day with very little work to do, on a day when most other companies are off, is very bad for morale.

Guess which category I fit into? *L* It also doesn’t help when the president of your company has to call-in for Staff Meeting because he went to Erie, PA over the weekend and got snowed in. So he’s not even here while we’re all sitting around waiting for the end of the day. :)

I can’t even get started on year end stuff, because all the reports are setup to run after the 1st. I’d have to change them all to run them now, and then change them back after I finished. No thanks! You just know I’d forget to change one of them and screw them up royally next month or next year.

Interesting reading for today:

David Coursey has it all wrong.

SEPT. 11 WAS THE absolute conclusion of the roaring ’90s. But it also provided immediate and dramatic examples of what really matters. As we leave an era of self-interest and greed, Sept. 11 reintroduced us to the people we might all strive to become – Isn’t that what people said about the 80’s too? That it was all about self-interest and greed and that the 90’s were the change to all that, that by electing Bill Clinton we were moving into a more caring, warm period in our history? Sept. 11 will not make people less greedy and self-interested, that sort of internal change is not brought about by outside forces. It will temporarily change people’s focus, but it wont last long. Or am I being too pessimistic?

And the people who he sees as heroes will continue to be the same hard-working, honest, strong people they’ve always been. Outside forces don’t change that either. And in a few years they’ll be taken for granted again by the media and corporate elite, just like they always have been, and they won’t complain about it at all.

Instapundit weighs in on the hack of blogger and what it means, as far as making sure you have a backup plan. Never a bad idea..

Finally, Robert Scoble pointed his readers in the direction of http://wwitv.com , which looks to be quite a wonderful way to waste time and learn about the world all at the same time through the power of streaming video!

While I know 2001 will be remembered as a bad year by a lot of people, it will always be a very good year for me personally. It was the year Angela and I got married, it was the year I started blogging, which I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit, and the year I finally got my own domain.. It was the year one of my best friends’ also got married and I was able to get to MN. to see it. It was a year that saw me have the opportunity to travel to Toronto, Minnesota, Johnson City TN, Asheville NC, Des Moines IA and New York City, all of which were wonderful experiences. As the media focuses completely on 9/11 and the events surrounding that, try to remember that there are good things that have happened this year, to all sorts of people, all around the world. Just like every other year, there is the good and the bad, and life goes on into the next year, which will bring happiness and sadness all on it’s own.

Have a happy and safe New Year’s celebration!

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